April 25th is International Financial Independence Awareness Day

The FIRE Movement


The FIRE Movement

What is FIRE and how does it work? In the world of personal finance, FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retired Early, or some variation thereof and there is a growing movement behind this concept.

Within the FIRE Movement, one is considered to be FIRE, or FIRE’d, when their living expenses can be covered by their investment returns. At that point, you are financially independent (FI) and can retire early if you so choose (RE) because work is optional for you.

But FIRE is so much more than budgeting, investments, or a math equation.  FIRE is a way of life and a growing movement that is spreading across the globe and being embraced; not because people suddenly love budgeting and personal finance but because FIRE provides hope.

For anyone that’s ever felt trapped by the thought of a working career that could last into their late 60’s or early 70’s, FIRE provides a feasible alternative to the traditional path that society peddles.  And once embraced, the idea of reaching financial independence and retiring early is nearly impossible to snuff out. That’s because, at its core, FIRE is reclamation of one’s personal freedom.

And people long to be free.


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